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Right is not just a denunciation of violence against women, but refers to all forms of forced imposition, of power understood as mental and physical violence.

The staging is direct and merciless, the message incisive, a sign of an artist who wants to go beyond stereotypes and generate an active reaction.

Lavinia Laura Morisco-Teatri Online

Massari sets up a dystopian society worthy of Atwood to investigate "the contemporary propensity to sacrifice and the right - that someone arrogates - to decide for others".

Right manages to denounce the renewed authoritarian and patriarchal drift on the female body (and on bodies in general) by institutions all over the world ...

and it does so with courage and stubbornness, just like Stravinsky did back in 1913.

Francesco Chiaro-Persi in sala

Right_Carlo Massari_C&C Company_ Sarah Melchiori-2.jpg

Are we ready for the sacrifice? Obviously not our own! It will always be up to someone else to sacrifice themselves for the good of the community; perhaps to a virgin, the most fragile and naive... And who has got the right of choice? The old, wise and elect ones, obviously. But are we sure the elderly hold within themselves the power of absolute wisdom and the authority to decide what is right for others and what is not? By what right? It is about justice and someone will be executed, one more time, in order to honor the Gods. We are just there facing the delicate concept of morality: a (hereditary) principle handed down to us from the past generations through the invention of myths and narratives, useful for controlling the masses. They “hide” statements such as this is right and this is wrong, that’s good and that’s bad, this is moral and this is immoral. And we take them as truths, proven and irrefutable facts: that’s how it is. It follows that, at the end of a war, the winners will be the Righteous, just because we have been taught that Justice always wins and the massacres are justified for good, while the losers will be forgotten from the books. The result is: concentration camps and mass exterminations of human and animal species (see: the abomination of intensive farming and slaughterhouses). When it happens we have been deprived of our rights, we simply believe we can take justice in our hands. And therefore it follows that a popular jury can decide the evidence of guilt of an accused one, just according to its own subjective concept of morality. And if we want to keep a clear conscience, we can always refer to the orders straight from the top. History does not change. It is curious, funny and weird how many meanings the english word right contains! This begs the reflection on us as human beings, our contemporary society, the relationship with power and the trust we place in it. How much do we actually delegate big decisions for us and for others, again for good purposes? In a fragile society weakened by events, cataclysms and pandemics, it is too easy to rely on the new savior, delegating him to the power of deciding in the name of the community. Perhaps we do it without even paying too much attention and then we complain about the consequent outcome. Since the beginning, the C&C Company has always tried to describe contemporary society, its multiple facets and the depth of interpersonal relationships through constant work and a language freed from superstructures. All of which achieved through a physical language that points at allowing the audience to feel represented within its universality. This new work intends to affirm a creative modality of the Company and at the same time a new distinctive and highly recognizable political act. 

Right_Carlo Massari_C&C Company Cob Compagnia Opus Ballet_ph Simone Cargnoni JUMP CUT_LQ__

Original creation Carlo Massari

Performer Aura Calarco, Sofia Galvan, Ginevra Gioli, Stefania Menestrina, Giulia Orlando, Giuseppina Randi, Rebeca Zucchegni

Artistic cooperation Emanuele Rosa

Light design Francesco Massari

Project manager Rosanna Brocanello

Consultant Laura Pulin

Production Margherita Fantoni

Support Federico Grilli


Inspired by  “Le sacre du Printemps” di I.F.Stravinsky

Production C&C Company e COB Compagnia Opus Ballet

In coproduction with Teatro Stabile del Veneto, Oriente Occidente Dance Festival, Associazione Culturale Mosaico Danza/Interplay Festival

With the support of Progetto internazionale Étape Danse, realizzato grazie a Mosaico Danza/Interplay Festival in partnership con Lavanderia a Vapore -

Centro di Residenza per la Danza/ Piemonte dal Vivo – Circuito Regionale Multidisciplinare e Festival Torinodanza/Teatro Stabile di Torino - Teatro Nazionale.

And with the support of Centro di Residenza Intercettazioni/Circuito CLAPS

Winner of CollaborAction#5 award | CollaborAction XL | azione Network Anticorpi XL supporto per la danza d’autore

Length 60’

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