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beast vecchio

concept and development of dedicated projects

A different way of conceiving the creations for and with the audience.

We study this specific kind of projects with a particular attention to the different social categories, to facilitate integration and bring out social and environmental problems. At the end of the research path we create a unique and exclusive event, which can include professional and non-professional performers

development, assistance and choreographic creation

Given the poetics and transversal nature of the performative languages that have always been used within its productions, in recent years C&C has established artistic collaborations and partnerships with international theaters and opera directors. This has given the Company the opportunity to enter a new territory of hybridization and research, which will be developed over the years according to the affirmation of an identity language.

multidisciplinarity and open dialogues

Art is constantly evolving, and as such, we need to follow its steps. This is why our Company want to continue to have different experiences as choreographers and performers, to search through different worlds and observe different cultures, an 'artistic language' that is to us the most appropriate. The evolution of this company also foresees expansion of the group, looking outside and opening different kind of collaborations with cultural organizations and operators, and also other artists working on video making, photography, performing art...

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