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The Sapiens is on the ground. Recite the Beatitudes of the Gospel according to Matthew, which, however, are now crippled according to the typical ironic cut of Massari: the blessed, tragically, will be those who in a few days will go to vote, to earn the kingdom of heaven will be the new poor in front of the bills and so on, until the reclining body of the poor sapiens man, now unable to get up, only happy to have said what he thinks, slips out of the scene rolling, helpless, under the background screen.

Francesca Pedroni-Il Manifesto


A new, delicate research project on the fine line between man and beast; an investigation on transformations, on change, physical and spiritual alteration of being, research of one’s own nature, identity, form.

Starting from the concept of man as a thinking animal with an individual conscience, one goes to discover, undress, put in relation with his truest instincts.

The fears that make him impotent, his more animalistic face, the pure truth of the body.

We start in this work from a principle of investigation, study, curiosity,

discovery of the exact instant in which everything suddenly becomes the opposite of everything, the moment in which we no longer recognize ourselves and yet everything appears clear to us, the moment in which the veins are crossed by new lymph and we abandon ourselves to the acceptance of a new "me" without judging it too much.

In the era of images, of appearing, of "look at me", we find ourselves as fragile “critters", despite ourselves. Owners of a form which needs to be filled, molded, but not having exactly idea how to do it.

We are looking for Beauty but we don't know exactly where to find it, what shape it has, how to recognize it, and then we raise our hands, close our eyes, trust and rely on someone to give us advice, to tell us "this is what you want" and usually we end up convincing ourselves that it is the truth.

This work was certainly not born with the intention of emphasizing a nagging, a ugliness of the human race, but rather to seek internal connections between the body, mind and exterior through animal and natural relationships, which can trigger one little idea of ​​rebirth, of a new Renaissance.

An evolution, a revolution in which there is no longer any need to give a name to every different form, of arrogating to oneself the "divine right" to baptize something by defining it with a "you are ...", in which there are no recipes and user manuals on how to behave, how to relate to yourself and the surrounding world. 

Everything goes back to its origins, everything becomes bestial, nature, earth.

In drowsiness, in torpor, in contemporary stasis, in the human weaknesses that accompany us every day, the beast in the heart is perhaps the explosion we really need to feel somehow still alive.


Original creation and interpretation Carlo Massari


Production C&C Company

In co-production with Festival Oriente Occidente, Teatro Akropolis, Teatri di Vetro, Margine Operativo 

3 solos Larva. Cockroach, Sapiens

Length 20'

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