e·stin·zió·ne [our house is on fire]

A trash-tsunami. The leftovers of our civilization come out from the trash. They are survivors.

A young girl walks out of cloths. She is lost. It has been a Black Friday. An Apocalypse.

Carlo Massari/C&C, Alice Conti/ORTIKA and Chiara Osella link their own plots and aesthetics into this work, starting from their universes, which are considered being far apart one another (acting, dance and opera singing. ) Their aim is not only to mix their different artistic languages, but actually to break the borders between them. They join into a unique and heterogenous group of work, trying to become one whole community on the edge. By mixing and sharing different skills (opera singing, acting, physical theater, con- temporary dance, performance) they write onto the stage their own rules and will. They choose The End as scenario, the very end. Isn’t there a better one to make a new language be born?

Original creation Carlo Massari, Alice Conti

Original cast Alice Conti, Carlo Massari, Chiara Osella


Co-production C&C, ORTIKA

Supported by Residenza I.DRA., Teatro della Caduta


Creation 2020

Length 60’

Awards semi-finalist Premio Scenario 2019

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