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A poignant and paradoxically, not so surreal, analysis of one of the most recently debated problems, in the name of which parades and demonstrationsare being organized more and more all over the world.

Erika Di Bernardo-Teatrionline.

E.STIN.ZIO.NE is our “Endgame”. Now everything is a representation of nothing. We have now the proven evidence in front of us, with unlikely excess.

Matteo Brighenti-PAC

estinzione (1031).jpg


A trash-tsunami. The leftovers of our civilization come out from the trash. They are survivors. A young girl walks out of cloths. She is lost. It has been a Black Friday. An Apocalypse.

The tree performers link their own plots and aesthetics into this work, starting from their universes, which are considered being far apart one another (acting, dance and opera singing) Their aim is not only to mix their different artistic languages, but actually to break the borders between them. They join into a unique and heterogenous group of work, trying to become one whole community on the edge. By mixing and sharing different skills (opera singing, acting, physical theater, contemporary dance, performance) they write onto the stage their own rules and will. They choose The End as scenario, the very end. Isn’t there a better one to make a new language be born?

Concept and playwriting Carlo Massari, Alice Conti

Dramaturgy Alice Conti

Choreography Carlo Massari
Cast Alice Conti, Carlo Massari, Chiara Osella

Light design Alice Colla


Co-production C&C, ORTIKA
With the support of Residenza I.DRA., Teatro della Caduta

Awards "semifinalist" Premio Scenario 2019

Selection Kilowatt Festival 2019

Length 60'

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