Les Miserables

“Ladies and Gentlemen! Consider the creature as God first made it; nothing, just nothing. Add civilization and see what you've got: walks upright, wears trousers and carries a cane. It's all education, he's got animal brains, or rather: brainy animality, he's not the pig-stupid sort like some people ... The monkey's already a soldier, though that's not saying much-the bottom-most species of human kind!”

Woyzeck - Georg Büchner

A ruthless and immoral canvas on today's period, a contemporary middle-class drama, occasionally familiar.

An overview of stereotypes, of the already seen, already said, already acted on.

A little theatrical farce of human misery: the body and the voice in service of a pathetic collective that resembles that of Aristophanes' 'The Frogs', or perhaps one of Offenbach's operettas, or, furthermore: the famous Brecht's "The Threepenny Opera".

Staticity and paralysis in response to the imminent and obvious collapse.

We assist with our hands tied, we acknowledge it, we simply shrug, sigh and turn our heads around again.

A detailed analysis on current international situation, a research on interconnections among forms of protest taking place today - rarely inspired by ideas on human evolution and revolution - as well as on the Enlightened historical vision that puts Arts & Culture in the heart of the change.

A creation that one once again leads the Company in probing into contemporary social contests through amphibious language, one of remarkable impact, bearing a complex dramaturgical level in support of the piece.

Original creation: Carlo Massari / C&C Company

Co-production: Triangolo Scaleno/Teatri di vetro, TCVI/Danza in Rete, selected NID Platform 2019

With: Carlo Massari, Alice Monti, Stefano Roveda, Nicola Stasi

Vocal coaching: Chiara Osella

Production: 2019/2020