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Acts of contemporary metamorphosis


"The old world is dying.

The new one is slow to appear.

And in this chiaroscuro monsters are born."

Antonio Gramsci


At the end of the human drift, the crumbling, the social flattening, the forced removal of memory, of all that has been before, that has preceded us... After the horror, is it really better to start again? We are only at the beginning of a new era, but we already perceive a suffocating atmosphere and feel that we have arrived, in every aspect: human, social, environmental... At a point of no return.

Dreamy and subtly political, 'The Cockroaches' was born with the intention of combining social realism with tragicomic writing, opposing pietism and patheticism and inviting the viewer to reflect on the present (and perhaps the near future) through black and biting humour.

Seriously ironic, the poetic composition employs a language of defeat to speak of hope, of decadence awaiting rebirth, of the fall before (perhaps) the longed-for ascent. A surreal and tragicomic act in which the spectator can recognise himself in the fragilities of everyday life.


Original creation  Carlo Massari

Production C&C

In co-production with Oriente Occidente, Petri Dish Company, ...

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