Him, Her, the Other: photograms of a timeless periphery without any identity, as it has been bitten off in the useless and rather mysterious new definition of “metropolitan city,” whose meaning can be everything and its contrary and it collapses into oblivion. Characters, once protagonists and today misfits deprived of any social function, passive background actors, bystanders waiting for falling into  an identity sinkhole, which will permanently delete their memory to make room for nothing. The city is evolving and expanding, completely forgetting those who once represented it through their dialects, their proverbs and their roughness. A static microcosm, bodies ready for falling: this is what remains at the end of oblivion. Three open-air studies on the void, on the non-remembrance of why we were there and what we were supposed to do, on the “I’d almost go  home, if only I could remember where I came from and where I was going…”.

A research which starts in the periphery and wants to stay there, on the side-lines, in order to tell and maybe give the last breath to the dead bodies of heroes, kings and divinities resigned in disgrace, who, dreamy and melancholic, are waiting for someone to approach them and let them feeling important again. A contemporary pietas with vague references to Roy Andersson’s visionary and ironic world, a physicality alternating long and static moments with flash crashes, dynamic and anti-dynamic; distortions, maladjustments, because that is what this is all about. In the original concept, the three performances will take place in different non-conventional spaces of the city at different times of the day, without being announced; considering the construction of the score, they will be therefore strongly improvised. This new work leads the Company, once again, to a profound investigation on changes and social dynamics.

Original creation : Carlo Massari

With: Carlo Massari


Production : C&C

Length 35'

Site-specific show



Winner “Jury Prize” TrenOFF 2017