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Him & Her




Life shows itself in all its difficulty but, when the decision is made, you can go on (...)

Massari reaffirms the value of holding on and, despite the vicissitudes, throwing the past behind without remorse or regret.

Luciano Uggè-Traiettorie

With "A peso morto" Massari photographs a contemporary pietas that reaches straight to the heart.

Giuseppe Distefano-Exibart


Two solos site-specific: Him and Her.

A scratchy performance, a sort of frame of a timeless periphery and identity. The protagonists are passive extras of a city they don’t recognize, of a desired periphery, but removed from bites in the useless and somewhat mysterious new definition of "Metropolitan City", which means everything and its opposite and which sinks into oblivion ... The city "evolves", expands, forgetting the individuals who inhabited the most marginal areas connoting them with their own distinctive features, with the dialects, with their memories, their roughness. Bodies once protagonists, now ready for collapse. A static, stale microcosm, swollen with emptiness. The performance is an open air study on the emptiness of lost memory, on the oblivion of things gone. What's left? Lifeless bodies of heroes, kings, fallen from grace, melancholy and dreamy, waiting for someone to notice them once again.

A dead weight represents the contemporary pietas with a physicality that alternates long moments of staticity with sudden sagging, dynamic and antidynamic, distortions, mismatch, developing a profound investigation into changes and social dynamics.

Andrea Macchia 2_edited_edited.jpg

Original creation and interpretation Carlo Massari

Masks Lee Ellis

Production C&C

In co-production with Margine Operativo

Selected Contact Zones 2019

Award TrenOFF 2017

2 solos Him, Her

Lenght 25'

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