Don't be Afraid




Massari gives an exhausting and courageous performance and uses his body and a variety of props to convey fear and comedy with brilliant and memorable results.

Steven Fraser-the wee REVIEW

Carlo Massari gives an extraordinary performance as a gorgeous male life-force gradually brought down by age, sickness,

arrogance and foolishness, but somehow still defiantly in motion.

Joyce Mcmillan-The Scotsman

In this sort of vicissitude in space and time, Massari goes to the very roots of modern dance, almost meeting its source, a source revisited through Nijinsky who created his first choreography on the faun. And of that great Ukrainian dancer suggestively, in the same move from Michelangelo's nudity to the classic French costume "bourgeois" by heavy tennis shoes, he manages to suggest the intense creative modalities and that figurative syncretism that so fascinated Auguste Rodin.

Maria Dolores

Don't be

A life has passed and we didn’t realize it, too busy in our work, build and destroy; passed from the stone to the blood. We took life and we lost so much of it. We lived and loving so much, so much, perhaps too much, the others.

A man evolves, becomes a symbol of an era, become a myth, a philosopher, a semi-god,

becomes powerful and invincible, gifted; then he breaks, implodes and miserably collapse until he becomes molecule, a manufacturing particle, a liquid blood.

Here the Faun is a newborn, a sapling that straddles the history, surprised to love and fuck, to fight, win and miserably lose; it ripped from the earth, falls into the eternity of the night and loses.

It reminds us punitive actions, gold’s helmets, “brave” war actions, references to a Classical and Neoclassical Art, silenced shout of love and unfounded virility ostentations.

We don’t want to tell a story, but catch a fragment of it, a suggestion, a solitude, recount about its missing pieces. We are spying in a human scene. Perhaps…

I wanted to be loved cause I was great, a Big Man. Now I'm nothing. Look. The glory around... trees, birds...

I dishonored it all and didn't notice the glory. A foolish man.

Terence Malick

Original creation Carlo Massari

Cast Carlo Massari

Artistic support Hun-Mok Jung, Chiara Taviani

Light design Iro Suraci, Francesco Massari

Co-production C&C, Residenza I.DRA., Teatri di vetro

With the support of TCVI, Residenza Genius Loci / Teatro Akropolis

Length 50'


Touring IT, UK, IL, PL


Creation 2016