D O N' T   B E   A F R A I D

"I wanted to be loved cause I was great, a Big Man. Now I'm nothing. Look. The glory around... trees, birds... I dishonored it all and didn't notice the glory. A foolish man." 

Terence Malick

A life has passed and we didn’t realize it, too busy in our work, build and destroy; passed from the stone to the blood.

We took life and we lost so much of it. We lived and loving so much, so much, perhaps too much, the others.

A man evolves, becomes a symbol of an era, become a myth, a philosopher, a semi-god,

becomes powerful and invincible, gifted; then he breaks,

implodes and miserably collapse until he becomes molecule, a manufacturing particle, a liquid blood.

Here the Faun is a newborn, a sapling that straddles the history, surprised to love and fuck,

to fight, win and miserably lose; it ripped from the earth, falls into the eternity of the night and loses.

It reminds us punitive actions, gold’s helmets, “brave” war actions, references to a Classical and

Neoclassical Art, silenced shout of love and unfounded virility ostentations.

We don’t want to tell a story, but catch a fragment of it, a suggestion, a solitude, recount about its missing pieces.

We are spying in a human scene. Perhaps…

Original creation and cast : Carlo Massari

Artistic support : Hun-Mok Jung, Chiara Taviani

Light design : Iro Suraci, Francesco Massari

Co-production : C&C, Residenza I.DRA., Teatri di vetro

With the support of : PimOFF, Teatro Comunale di Vicenza, Residenza Genius Loci / Teatro Akropolis
Stagecraft : C&C

Length 50'

Language English, Italian, Deutsch